Starburst Chain Quilt Top Finished

Earlier in the summer, I accepted the challenge from Quilter’s Candy to make her Starburst Chain pattern. The winner got a stack of delightful fabric, so I was admittedly stash motivated. I didn’t win in the end, but with the black background I think I may have had the most unique entry 🥰.

I’m a HUGE fan of neutral dark backgrounds: black, gray, and navy blue. Patterns with sharp geometrical shapes really pop, they’re easy to coordinate with high volume and bright prints, and create high contrast to balance the quilt.

Have you tried a dark background? What’s your favorite pattern to use it in?

My daughter did a great job holding it up to see the size. It’ll go with her newly-painted pink bedroom.

Close up of the fabulous Heather Ross center squares. And in-progress shots.

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