Fabric Planter Covers

I got these awesome sauce plant-themed prints (Green Thumb Girls by Carolyn Suzuki) from PBS Fabrics and knew I needed to use them with my succulent collection. I used this tutorial from Spoonflower as a starting point, but soon realized the tapered pot I was using wouldn’t work exactly as instructed. With the 20″ diameter, I had to strip piece the circumference and worked in darts at the bottom to match the tapered shape. It fit around well but wouldn’t stay up. I realized I had more of a planter tube top 😲. I experimented a bit with a top cuff, a grosgrain ribbon tie, and eventually using Velcro strips to keep it up.

I highly recommend starting with smaller sizes first 😆.

For these 3″ diameter pots, it was tougher to sew around the base circle, but a fun, quick finish.

Basic steps:

BASE CIRCLE: measure your pot. Cut this circle +1″ out of both inner and outer fabrics. So for me it was a 4″ circle. If you have a die cutter or a circle cutter ruler, this can go super fast!

LENGTH: Multiply that circle diameter by 3.14 to get the rectangle length you’ll need for the cover body and add .5″ seam allowance. So each of these was a little over 12.5″.

HEIGHT: Measure your pot height and choose if you want the cover to hit the top line or extend like a cuff over the top. Add .5″ to determine your width. So mine came out 13″ x 3.5″.

Make both a liner and outside of this size. You can make it scrappy or solid or whatever gets you to the right total rectangle!

Assemble by sewing each rectangle into a tube with right sides together and attaching the tube to each base circle. PIN generously.

Once each portion is done, place the outside into the lining with right sides together and sew around the top, leaving an edge to turn. Flip to the outside and slip stitch the opening closed or top stitch around the entire length.

Alternatively, sew a binding across the top without flipping. Or add a solid cuff and add some top stitching. Lots of options!!

So that’s it! I love how this simple bit of color lights up my windowsill and enhances the beauty of my plants. What do you think? Leave me a comment if you try making your own planter cover.

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